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Our team consists of a nice mix of people. Ladies and gentlemen, introverted and extroverted people, experience in various positions in logistics. It is precisely because of this mix that we can combine our strengths to link candidate and client to - hopefully - a good match. While enjoying a good cup of coffee and a good dose of humor, because that's how we like to work.

Erwin Grit


Silvana Rijsdijk

Senior Intermediate/ Back Office

Paul Derks

Manager of Operations

Jeannette Mangelaars-Graveland


Misha Niks


Veronika Shpunt

Recruiter / Interpreter

Denise Treure



Since 2015, Flex Impuls has been matching companies and job seekers in manufacturing and logistics.

In October 2015, Erwin Grit started his own staffing agency after working for years in logistics at a well-known staffing company. In the years that followed, he managed to build Flex Impuls at lightning speed into a well-known name in the region. This by sticking to his motto "a deal is a deal". If you work with Flex Impuls, you will recognize Erwin's way of working throughout the entire collaboration: straightforward, a deal is a deal and hard work. Discover for yourself what Flex Impulse can do for you.