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Are you looking for temporary staff or a permanent expansion of your workforce? Flex Impulse is happy to search for the best personnel for you. We will visit you as often as necessary to really get to know your company and corporate culture. This way we can find the employees who really fit your company.

Employee search effectively

There are numerous ways to recruit staff, but they are far from all effective. Using a staffing agency will increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate. We can often help you out quickly because of our extensive database of candidates. We also take a lot of work off your hands, allowing you to focus on your business. Finding personnel often takes a lot of time and effort. Especially if you are in an industry where it is difficult to find the right candidate. We pull out all the stops to make sure you get in touch with the right candidates. We always have vacancies in production and logistics.

Successful recruitment

Success in finding the right candidate depends on several factors. For example, we will work with you to create a thorough job profile and a matching job posting. By first clearly identifying what work needs to be done and what type of candidate best fits your company, you have the greatest chance of attracting those candidates who excel in your company and corporate culture.

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If necessary, Flex Impuls will even visit your company several times. Our experts will take the entire interview process off your hands. From finding the right candidates to conducting job interviews and discussing the details around the first day of work: you no longer have to think about anything. We know your industry and the problems you face. You may just need reinforcement at very short notice. Logistics and production: it's busy, hectic and the work is hard. We know just the right people for your job!

Workers wanted? You have come to the right place at Flex Impuls. Take directly contact at. We would be happy to tell you more about the benefits and possibilities of flexible employment.